Car Accidents:

Over the years Attorney Al Parisi and Attorney Tim Bellavia have worked on hundreds of car accident cases and have received million dollar outcomes for their clients. At the Parisi and Bellavia Law Firm we understand that car accidents are often traumatic and create a great deal of stress for you and your family. Bringing your car accident case to Parisi and Bellavia will result in your case getting the personal experience and attention it deserves. Al and Tim will work with from beginning to end bringing you and your family just compensation.

Motorcycle Accidents:

Motorcycles provide a rush, an unparalleled freedom on the road, and enjoyment for its riders. That being said, Al and Tim also understand the risks of riding and injuries that come with motorcycle accidents. Throughout the years, Al and Tim have worked tirelessly with our clients, who suffer motorcycle accidents fighting on their behalf for just compensation.

Slip and Fall Accidents:

Al and Tim have sued multiple big box stores and landlords on behalf of their clients, who have suffered from Slip and Fall injuries. The Parisi and Bellavia Law Firm have a team of experts ready to analyze your slip and fall case.

Work Place Injury:

If you have been injured on the worksite you may be entitled to more than just worker’s compensation. Allow Al and Tim to analyze your case to see if a 3rd party law suit is viable.

Product’s Liability:

Al and Tim have sued numerous manufacturers involving Defective Design , Guarding , and Warning cases. They have sued these entities in both federal and state courts throughout the country. Examples of Product’s liability cases include:

  • Defective trampolines
  • Defective motorcycles
  • Failed Lasik-Eye Surgery
  • Pharmaceutical Drugs