Rear end car collisions are some of the most common and damaging accidents that we’ve seen at Parisi and Bellavia. The data backs up our experience. Studies show that there were over 2 million rear end car accidents in the United States each year. Of those over 2 million rear end car accidents approximately 32% of them involve injury and approximately 7% of them involve death.(See National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration data here).

With our over 25 years of experience as car accident lawyers here in Rochester, New York, you can trust our team of experienced, thoughtful, and local attorneys to secure the best recovery possible for any injuries sustained as a result of your rear end car accident. If you’ve been injured in a rear end car accident, we’re here to help. Call us today at (585) 888-8000 or submit or our online form today for a free consultation.


The National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration defines a rear end collisions as “a collision in which one vehicle collides with the rear of another vehicle.” Simple enough, but how does an experienced rear end car accident law firm analyze a rear end collision?


First, we analyze the fault in a rear end collision. It is a violation of New York State traffic laws to drive too closely behind a motor vehicle. A traffic infraction for “following too closely” may be issued by a police officer in the event of a rear end collision, because “the driver of a motor vehicle shall not follow another vehicle more closely than is reasonable and prudent, having due regard for the speech of such vehicles and the traffic upon and the condition of the highway.” We all learned this in driving school. If you’re driving behind another vehicle, you need to give yourself enough room to come to a complete stop. At Parisi and Bellavia, we’ll review the police report to examine how the police officer described the accident and whether a “following too closely” citation was issued in connection with the accident.

Following too closely, however, is only one potential cause. We’ve seen rear end collisions caused by distracted drivers who are looking down at their phone or over at their GPS. We’ve seen rear end collisions influenced by poor Rochester weather conditions resulting in one car slamming into the back of another. We’ve seen drivers fall asleep at the wheel. In short, with 25 years of experience we’ve seen it all, Rochester.

Ernestor Muniz
Ernestor Muniz
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Ernestor Muniz
Ernestor Muniz
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Margaret Fagan
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Linda Lugo
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Jill Duttinger
From my first phone call to the resolution, everyone was very helpful, responsive, kind and efficient in helping me with my injury case. The pandemic certainly slowed everything down, however I was confident that the firm would keep me informed and guide me every step. They certainly are a personal law firm, and I appreciated all the personal phone calls to keep me updated during the entire time. I saw and spoke directly with the attorneys, Al Parisi, Samantha Parisi and Tim Bellavia. I really appreciated all the work, time and effort they put in on my behalf and I would certainly highly recommend Parisi & Bellavia Law Firm.

Damages Assessment

Next, we will review your medical records. This includes the paperwork from any emergency room visits, any medical treatment you’ve received with the use of no-fault insurance, and any additional medical care you’ve received as a result of injuries sustained in an accident. The medical records review will outline the seriousness and permanence of any injuries sustained in the car accident. In New York State, a person must meet what is called the “serious injury threshold” to recover monetary compensation in a personal injury lawsuit which we discuss in greater detail here.

Last, we will discuss potential monetary recovery based on the fault or liability in the accident, the seriousness of your injuries, and a review of other factors including any pain and suffering you’ve endured, future medical and rehabilitation costs, and past, current, and future income you’ve lost as a result of not being able to work due to the injuries sustained in the rear end collision.



If you’ve suffered a rear end collision in Rochester, NY contact Parisi and Bellavia, Rochester’s trusted car accident lawyers today. Our difference is that when you call us you get us and we’ve recovered millions in car accident settlements and trials for individuals injured here in Rochester. Let our family fight for yours.

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