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When you’re injured in Rochester, it’s important to hire Rochester-based medical malpractice lawyers. As members of the community, we are familiar with the many hospitals, clinics, and medical practices in Rochester. We know Rochester’s court system, because we try cases here. We know Rochester juries, because we are Rochesterians. Attorney Tim Bellavia grew up in Gates and is a McQuaid Jesuit graduate. Attorney Samantha Parisi attended Brighton Central Schools, and Attorney Al Parisi raised his family in Rochester over 25 years ago.

The difference between us and the billboard lawyers you see on tv, is that we’re from Rochester and when you call us you get us – Attorney Al Parisi, his daughter, Attorney Samantha Parisi, or Attorney Tim Bellavia. Let our family fight for yours.


  1. Surgery Errors. Surgeons make mistakes. Serious nerve damage, operating on the incorrect organ, leaving surgical tools in the body after surgery, are just a few common medical malpractice lawsuits we’ve seen throughout the year and, unfortunately, are more common than one might think.
  2. Misdiagnosis or Delayed Diagnosis. A misdiagnosis or even a delayed diagnosis by a doctor may lead to serious injuries or even death. We handled a number of misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis cases for Rochester’s injured. While there are many benefits to telemedicine, such as the increased access to care, we anticipate that a greater number of misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis will occur as telemedicine expands.
  3. Emergency Room Errors. Emergency room doctors and personnel are under immense time pressures. At Parisi & Bellavia our experience has taught us that the increased time pressures of emergency rooms lead to an increased risk of misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis.
  4. Birth Injuries. It is a sad fact that not all women in America receive adequate medical care during the pregnancy and during delivery. At Parisi & Bellavia, we have seen the consequences of this reality in the form of both harm to mothers and the baby fetus.
  5. Medical Prescription Failures. As has been well-documented by the current opioid epidemic in America, incorrectly prescribing or over-prescribing medications may have lethal consequences. If you’ve been injured by an incorrect or over-prescription of medication, we can work with you to identify the responsible parties and hold them accountable.


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